Our values

Our commitment

We are committed to using only the purest herbal extracts and natural oils to produce both skin friendly and effective products. Our aim is to be as environmentally friendly as we can. Wherever possible, the herbal extracts are extracted using the eco-friendly process of supercritical extraction. Our secondary packaging is recyclable and we’re using glass jars as our primary packaging, minimising the use of plastics. With time our ambition is for our packaging to be 100% recyclable. Beyond the products themselves, from the start we’re committed to charity work.

Clean ingredients

In an age where there are so many ingredients to choose from, it can be hard to know which to pick. The pharmacists and botanists within the Dilmaherbals team carefully select only the safest ingredients, whilst keeping all the products over 94% natural. The knowledge, experience and research of our experts ensures we keep up to date with advances in science, while continuously innovating in premium skincare products.

Core values


We believe that acting with integrity is imperative in forming and maintaining trust and healthy relationships


We believe that respect is paramount when dealing with both customers and suppliers. Allowing others to express their opinion when working towards a common goal maintains the brands high standards.


We believe that passion is integral to driving this brand forward. Passion to create the best products, help the environment and build/maintain relationships. Without passion, the Dilmaherbals idea would be just that.


We believe that innovation is vital to being able to deliver high quality products. Everybody’s skincare needs are different and we aim to continue pushing boundaries to keep creating niche products.


We take a lot of responsibility in everything we do from ensuring safety and efficacy of all the products, to ensuring our processes and packaging are as environmentally friendly as possible. Charity work is also an essential part of our ethos.


Through backpacking, I’ve been fortunate to have seen some of the most beautiful landscapes from different parts of the world, and meet some of the most kind hearted and friendly local communities. Unfortunately, you also see negatives which can’t be ignored. Environmental pollution and child poverty were 2 aspects which really stuck with me on my travels around India and Asia as whole.

“Railway Children fight for vulnerable children who live alone and at risk on the streets, where they suffer abuse and exploitation.”
Railway Children

At Dilmaherbals we have partnered with the charity Railway Children and will be committing 5% of all our profits to them. The vision at Dilmaherbals will be to support charities which help both the vulnerable and the planet.

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