Our story

The idea

The Dilmaherbals story began in South America in 2016 during a backpacking trip by the founder, Gaurav.

“My best friend and I were staying at a homestay deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon. We were guided by one of the locals, who would use a machete and hack 6 hour daily treks for us.

On one of the treks, we stopped at a mud bath where we learned that the minerals in this particular Amazonia mud were outstanding for the skin.

It felt like my skin was breathing. For the rest of that trip my mind was transfixed on all the different herbal and natural Indian remedies my Mother and Grandmother used to make for me for a range of health and skincare problems.”

The journey

A year later Gaurav left his full-time role as a Pharmacist and went backpacking again, but this time to India to learn more about herbs, the way they’re used in skincare and his culture. India is home to 29 states and 22 official languages with the majority of herbal extracts being specific to particular regions.

“It was one of the most eye-opening trips of my life. From the mountains of the Himalayas to the fields of Punjab to the tropical climates of Kerala, I came across hundreds of different herbs. Some of these herbs had been used for skin care in India for close to 1000 years, the knowledge of which had been passed down through generations and written in ancient scriptures.

I spoke to the locals in the various regions I travelled to and listened to them talk about the power and benefits they have experienced from all these different herbs. This inspired me to find a way to combine these traditional Indian herbs with modern science.”

The team

A team of experts in backgrounds ranging from skincare, pharmaceuticals and Indian herbs have come together to produce effective formulas filled with herbs and natural oils at their most active concentrations.

The aim was simple. Create a range of products which are as natural as possible but most importantly, both skin-friendly and effective.

The result is a premium skin care range, stemming from generations worth of knowledge and modern advances in science.

“’Dil’ in Hindi means heart and ‘Ma’ means Mother. These products, ingredients and knowledge is something we hope continues to be passed down through generations, the same way my Mother and Grandmother passed down to me.”

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