Aahana Rich Moisturising Cream

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  • Formulated by pharmacists for normal to dry skin types
  • 97.59% natural or naturally derived – contains 11 herbal extracts and natural oils
  • Ayurvedic ingredients such as Vitamin B & E rich Jojoba oil and C & E rich Aloe extract are used for their long-lasting moisturisation & skin firming abilities
  • Contains Lavender essential oil for its ability to help promote calmness and wellness
  • Long-lasting 60ml jar – kinder on the environment & better value for you

This luxuriously rich cream absorbs quickly, moisturises deep into the layers of the skin and protects against environmental stressors to help keep your complexion looking youthful, vibrant and silky smooth to touch.

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  • Natural ingredients
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Cruelty-free

10 reviews for Aahana Rich Moisturising Cream

  1. Bhavna

    With oily but dehydrated skin, ’ve struggled to find a cream that’s rich enough to use at night without causing breakouts. This cream, however, works wonderfully and a little goes a very long way! Quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave a greasy feel. Have been using this for a few months now and am still loving it!

  2. Caroline

    The Aahana Rich Moisturising Cream is like Mary Poppins hangbag, it just never seems to run out! This is like a beautiful moisture surge when you need it. If I’ve been in the sun all day this is excellent to put on before bed to rehydrate your skin. Another way I use it is as a mask. It’s a thicker cream so I put it + a little extra on my face and then make a coffee, do some work or take a bath. When I rinse off the excess my skin feels amazing.

  3. Jess H

    My skin doesn’t fit into a particular type so I actually bought both the rich and light versions of this moisturiser so I can switch it up whenever I need to and I’m so, so glad I did. I wear the rich one when my skin is on the drier side and needs that little bit of extra hydration and it does just that without feeling too heavy or feeling like its clogging my pores. I tend to wear the light one when my skin is on the normal side and actually behaving itself. Both creams sink into the skin quickly, give me a flawless base under my makeup & smell absolutely lush. 100% repurchasing when the jars finish (have already been using for 3 months and not even half way through the jars!)

  4. Gina

    Bought this for my mum who has very sensitive skin. Worked well with her skin type as it didn’t react, really cleared the dry patches and non greasy. Great product!

  5. Laura

    Love this moisturiser! It is so rich and hydrating without leaving your skin feeling greasy. I suffer from dry skin and after just a week I saw a huge difference to my skin. Would strongly recommend trying!

  6. Nav

    I only started using this product a couple of months ago and it’s made the world of difference to my skin. I’ve previously struggled to find the perfect cream but this I highly recommend! Amazing product.

  7. Seema

    I love the lavender smell of this cream and enjoy the fact it absorbs quickly and easily. My skin feels very hydrated and soft all day long.

  8. Hanna

    I have been using this moisturising cream for a few weeks now and honestly it has been a game changer for me and my skin. I have been suffering with dry and flaky skin these past couple of months but this cream has definitely changed my skin texture, complexion and hydration level. After cleansing in the morning, I put this cream on to make my skin feel smooth, fresh and clean. When putting it on, it feels lightweight, glides onto the skin very smoothly and sinks deep within the skin which I love. I am completely in love with this cream and it has found a place in my skincare kit. I am looking forward to purchasing and trying new products from Dilmaherbals in the future!

  9. Sunita

    Really like this rich day cream. Love the consistency and how it leaves my skin feeling after using it. So nourished and hydrated and you only need a small amount.

  10. Joanna

    I really like this moisturiser, it’s a great product! It made my skin glow without being greasy – a common problem I find with other rich moisturisers. It’s quite thick and scented which may not be for everyone but I love it and will definitely use again

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