Absolutely not. At Dilmaherbals we’ve made a commitment to being as environmentally and skin friendly as possible. But this ethos stretches to being kind to animals and charity work too. We want to be as kind to the skin and planet as possible.

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and therefore tends to be the first to show visible signs of ageing. Dark circles, under eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles are all early signs. Try our Naira under eye cream, its one of our best sellers.

Our Aahana Rich and Aahana Light day moisturisers are designed to protect your skin and keep it moisturised on a day to day basis. They keep the skin in perfect condition before applying make up.

Our luxurious Navya Anti-Ageing Cream and Ojas Anti-Blemish Cream absorbs through the night and get to work whilst you sleep. They are thicker than day moisturisers as they contain over 15 Indian herbs and address different concerns to day moisturisers; typically helping to brighten your complexion, provide intense hydration and fight signs of ageing.

Our products are formulated by a team consisting of pharmacists, botanists and herbalists, and are trialled on human skin before finalising on the formulation. This is to ensure they meet the high standards that we set for both absorption and effectiveness.

We use ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Neelotpala and Calendula extracts plus many more, which help to unclog pores. If you are prone to developing clogged pores, our Aahana light moisturiser is perfect for morning hydration, whilst our Ojas Anti-Blemish cream is an essential night cream to clean and unclog pores over night whilst balancing skin oils.

Essential oils have been used instead of synthetic fragrances in all the creams apart from Naira under eye cream which has been kept fragrance free. We’ve used essential oils as they have beneficial properties for the skin as well as for general wellness once inhaled.

Dilmaherbals products do not contain Lanolin or ingredients derived from Lanolin.

All our products are over 90% natural or naturally derived. We’ve kept our ingredients as skin friendly as possible. Our products don’t contain Parabens, harsh detergents, silicones, SLS, synthetic fragrances or artificial colours.

All Dilmaherbals products are alcohol free. It is believed that ethanol and isopropyl alcohol can cause dryness, irritation and breakouts so we have not included alcohol in our ingredients.

We believe that we have a responsibility to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All our jars are glass, our packaging is recyclable and we limit plastic use to an absolute minimum. We believe there is more we can do though.

We have currently partnered with the charity Railway Children as this is a charity close to our hearts. As we grow we will be supporting more charities aimed at helping the vulnerable and the environment.

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