6 Geranium Essential Oil Benefits For Skin

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Chances are, you’ve come across a geranium plant at some point in your lifetime, it’s hard to miss the sweet rosy smell they radiate. However, it turns out that geranium does much more than simply smelling and looking lovely… There are actually over 400 different species of geranium, all of which come in different shapes, sizes and fragrances. Geranium essential oil is extracted from the flowers, leaves and stems of pelargonium graveolens; it’s this skincare beauty we’ll be telling you all about today.

Most commonly, geranium essential oil is used for its aromatic properties, as it is known for improving anxiety, insomnia and depression. However, geranium is just as healing for the skin and hair as it is for the mind. Using the geranium essential oil benefits in skincare is nothing new. In fact, the Native Americans were known to use the roots of the geranium plant in a tonic that was designed to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. The benefits of this amazing ingredient are still being discovered to this day. With that in mind, there are some secrets about geranium oil benefits for skin that we just have to share with you all…

Anti-Ageing Benefits

This savvy little floral plant does much more than just smelling sumptuous, for years now, people have been using geranium oil for wrinkles. Yes, that’s right! This rosy goodness actually reduces wrinkles, tightens the skin and slows down the skin’s natural ageing process. When used as part of a regular skincare routine, geranium oil tightens the epidermis (the outermost layer of your skin), which is what helps to reduce the appearance of those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. You might be worried that this tightening effect will suck the moisture out of your skin, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Geranium oil also helps to regulate the skin’s moisture levels, helping your skin to stay super supple and hydrated. Let’s find out more about the geranium essential oil benefits for the skin.

Calming Agents

You’re not alone in thinking that the fragrance within geranium essential oil might irritate your skin, especially if it’s sensitive. However, geranium essential oil is actually ideal for those of you with sensitive or irritated skin as it is naturally packed full of soothing agents. These anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help to boost the skin’s health and fight environmental stress.

Studies have shown that geranium oil can actually be beneficial in helping various skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis due to its natural ability to encourage cell regeneration. So whether you have dehydrated and sensitive skin, or suffer from irritated acne-prone skin; geranium essential oil is an ingredient you need to get your hands on.

Combats Pigmentation & Scarring

Geranium essential oil truly is a skincare hero; fighting your fine lines by day and combatting scarring and pigmentation by night! Geranium is a natural cicatrize, which means that it works on a deeper level to not only repair any damage to the skin, but also to speed up healthy new skin cell growth – this is great if you have sun damage or acne scarring for example. Geranium is also highly efficient in balancing melanin distribution, which is ideal for those of you struggling with hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Our Ojas anti-blemish cream is a night cream containing geranium essential oil. Not only does the essential oil help you to drift off to sleep quicker, but it’s also a highly targeted cream that is designed to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, acne scars, spots and blemishes, leaving your skin with a gorgeous luminous glow. By combining the healing powers of geranium essential oil with the amazing benefits of amla oil for the skin, this night cream is a must-have in any skincare routine!

Amazing For Oily and Dry Skin

In the skincare world, products are normally aimed at either dry or oily skin. It’s a real rarity that you get a product that is highly suitable for both. Well, ladies and gents, that’s why we like to call geranium essential oil the ‘all-rounder’. Geranium benefits oily/acne-prone skin by helping to control the skin’s sebum levels; excess levels of sebum are what contribute to oily skin and breakouts. It also has the ability to balance the skin’s moisture levels which is ideal for dry skin where extra hydration is needed. So whether you have oily or dry skin, it’s impossible to ignore how geranium essential oil benefits your skincare routine.

Get Your Glow On!

Because geranium is jam-packed with regenerating and balancing properties, it really does help to give your skin a natural glow. Pesky dead skin cells are responsible for dull skin, so by using an ingredient that’s naturally talented in encouraging the growth of new cells, you’re helping to improve your skin’s complexion. Combine this with the anti-ageing benefits of geranium oil and you’re sure to be looking more youthful, radiant and luminous. Glow get it!

Anxiety & Depression

It’s impossible to ignore the mood-boosting properties of geranium essential oil; after all, being happy on the inside allows you to glow on the outside. To show just how powerful this essential oil is, a study was carried out looking at the use of aromatherapy in reducing the levels of pain and anxiety experienced when giving birth. The results showed that aromatherapy actually helped in relieving anxiety and pain during labour – how amazing!

In 2020/2021, symptoms of anxiety and depression have heightened globally – from worries about the coronavirus itself, to the knock-on effects of the restrictions put in place to control it. Many of us have experienced loneliness, job/financial worries, health anxiety and lack of motivation for the best part of a year. As of March 2021 in the UK, some of us are facing anxiety surrounding the easing of lockdown restrictions and adapting to ‘normal life’ once again. This pandemic has taught us all one important lesson around looking after our own mental health and wellbeing. Through the power of wellness-based practices, such as aromatherapy, we can help to ease anxious thoughts during this time.

Have you learnt something new about geranium skin benefits in this post? Harness the powers of geranium essential oil, and see the benefits it brings to both your complexion and your state of mind. Order your free sample of Ojas, our anti-blemish night cream containing geranium essential oil today.

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