23 Best Meditation Podcasts & Apps in 2020

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Meditation dates back to 5,000 BCE, so it’s far from a new concept. However, in recent years, it’s fair to say that meditation and mindfulness have grown in popularity. Our lives have gotten busier, and so have our minds, so finding just a few minutes every day to feel a sense of calm, peace and balance is even more important. Not only is it beneficial for our mental health and emotional wellbeing, but also our physical health.

Whether you’re new to meditation, or simply looking for fresh inspiration, our list of the 23 Best Meditation Podcasts & Apps in 2020 is something you must read.

1. The Meditation Podcast

We couldn’t write a post on the best meditation podcasts without containing one of the first to enter the market. The Meditation Podcast was founded back in 2006 by husband and wife duo Jesse & Jeane Stern, using their many years of experience in Healing Arts to provide guided meditation practices and binaural beats to their listeners. For best results and for the very best experience, they recommend using headphones when listening to their meditations.

Listen to The Meditation Podcast here. There are also links to listen through Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

2. The Mindful Podcast

With over 100 episodes, The Mindful Podcast is packed full of mindful meditations and practices. These meditations are generally around 10 minutes, allowing listeners to easily fit a bit of mindfulness into their everyday lives. As well as guided meditations, this meditation podcast offers longer episodes featuring experts within the field, speaking more in-depth about complex issues and the science behind meditation. So whether you’re looking to learn more about the power of meditation, or you simply want to begin practising mindfulness more as part of your daily routine, this podcast is perfect for you.

Listen to The Mindful Podcast here.

3. Mindful in Minutes

One of our personal favourites is the Mindful in Minutes podcast series, created by yoga and meditation teacher Kelly Smith. Over the past few years, Kelly has taught over 5000 hours and has led training and retreats all over the world, all of which is shared through her Mindful in Minutes podcast.

As the title suggests, this podcast brings you a guided meditation in just a few minutes, allowing you to focus your mind and practice a little more mindfulness every day. From bedtime meditations to energising practices to those focussed on reducing stress and anxiety; you’re certain to find a meditation for you in this podcast.

Listen to the Mindful in Minutes podcast on Spotify, Apple & Android.

4. Headspace

One of the most popular (and deservingly so!) mediation and mindfulness apps on the market is Headspace. Available on both iOS and Android, this app is your own personal guide to mindfulness. Headspace offers different practices to suit your needs, from guided meditations for any moment, to nighttime exercises and sleep casts, to mindful cardio and workouts.  Whether you’re a complete beginner, or regularly practise meditation, Headspace is an app you need to try.

They’re also currently offering Headspace plus for free to those who are unemployed to help ease stress levels through this tough time. Find out more about this amazing offer here.

Download the app on iOS or Android.

5. Calm

Calm is considered one of the top apps for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation, with an impressive 50+ million downloads – you don’t want to miss this one. Available on both iOS and Android, this app will help you with anything from meditation to sleep and focus; their aim is to help you find that much needed inner ‘calm’.

Calm has grown in popularity most recently not only in lockdown but in their collaboration with Harry Styles who is reading a bedtime story as part of the meditation app Calm’s soothing sleep section. You can even try Calm for free for 7 days! What is there not to love?

Download the Calm app on iOS or Android.

6. Purely Being Guided Meditations.

Purely Being is a guided meditations podcast brought to you by Lucy, a meditation teacher, videographer and lifestyle creative. Available to listen to on Spotify, and over on her website, Lucy brings out new guided meditations each Sunday. Each episode is designed to relax your mind, help you to explore the power of meditation and provide you with a pick-me-up. There are both long and shorter meditations available to fit in with your day, so we’d highly recommend giving it a listen.

Listen to the Purely Being podcast on Lucy’s website or through Spotify / Apple Podcasts.

7. Affirmation Meditation Podcast with Bob Barker

Although Bob Barker has been meditating for many years, it was only in 2016 he started his own YouTube channel to share his passion with others. His goal was to offer a different type of guided meditation that he had failed to come across in his own search for meditations. If you’re looking for a boost in positivity and motivation, Bob’s podcast and YouTube channel are where you need to be! You’ll find inspiration in affirmation and meditations to suit your every mood.

Find out more about Bob’s mediation journey on his website, and also his YouTube channel.

8. The Mindful Minute

One of the things many people struggle with when they start with meditation is knowing if they are doing it right. If this is you, the Mindful Minute podcast brought to you by Meryl Arnett is one you should try. Although she’s been practising and teaching meditation for over 10 years, she went through these struggles herself. Her episodes are split into two parts; exploring the ‘why’ behind the teaching and then a guided meditation podcast. This will really help you to get the most out of your session!

Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Meditation Podcast 2020

9. Meditation Minis Podcast

Interested in making meditation part of your daily routine but don’t feel as though you have time? You need to check out the Meditation Minis Podcast. Brought to you by Hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton, you’ll find short meditations to reduce anxiety, improve your self-esteem or give you that much-needed confidence boost; all in under 10 minutes!

Available on Spotify.

10. Guided Sleep Meditation by Tracks To Relax

Did you know that over 1/5th of us struggle to fall asleep every night? Unfortunately, insomnia is only on the rise. If you struggle drifting off, you need to listen to Guided Sleep Meditation by Tracks To Relax. Each episode has been designed to calm your mind and body as bedtime, allowing you to drift off to sleep…

Find out more about Tracks To Relax over on their website, and listen to their episodes over on Spotify.

11. I Should Be Meditating

The name of this podcast is a statement too many of us have said before… The ‘I Should Be Meditating’ podcast was created by meditator and mindfulness-based stress reduction teacher Alan Klima. If you’ve been practising meditation for some time, but are looking to get more out of your sessions, or simply learn some more advanced techniques, this podcast is ideal for you.

Take a listen on the I Should Be Meditating website.

12. Mindfulness Mode

Bruce Langford’s Mindfulness Mode Podcast is designed to help you increase your feelings of calm, focus and happiness within your life. Unlike some others in this collection of the best meditation podcasts and apps, Mindfulness Mode looks at how successful entrepreneurs have worked to apply mindfulness to their lives and businesses. Learn from others’ experience, and pick up some handy tips in this different approach to mindfulness.

Listen on Spotify and find out more on the Mindfulness Mode website.

Meditation app

13. Buddhify

Buddhify is a mindfulness and meditation app that has been designed with busy lifestyles in mind. Unlike other meditations which encourage you to find some quiet time in your day, Buddhify allows you to incorporate meditation into your busy lifestyle. In their collection of guided meditations, you’ll find ones suited for walking, work breaks, going to sleep and even when spending time with a friend. Their sessions range in length, so there is no excuse not to find one to fit in with your day!

Download the app on iOS or Android.

14. Mindfulness Daily

Mindfulness Daily is an app developed with the help of scientists, doctors, researchers, coaches and trainers, it gives you access to the tools you need to be able to practice mindfulness each and every day. Through the app, you can set gentle reminders to yourself to pause for mindful breath throughout the day. You can also integrate the app with Apple’s Health app to track your mindful minutes each day.

Download the app on iOS.

15. Ten Percent Happier Meditation

New to meditation or sceptical about its effectiveness? The Ten Percent Happier Meditation is for you, their teachers walk you through the basics of meditation, helping you to practice in the simplest way possible. Whether you want to reduce stress, combat anxiety or improve your happiness, you’ll find something suited for you on this app. As well as guided meditations, the app gives you advice to apply what you learn in everyday life such as at work and in your relationships.

Download the app on iOS or Android.

16. Smiling Mind

Are you new to mindfulness and meditation? Still trying to figure out whether it’s for you? Smiling Mind is a free app that will help you to work that out. Developed by psychologists and educators, this app is designed to help both adults and children bring balance to their everyday lives by practising for just 10 minutes a day! They have dedicated programmes for work, school and personal life covering everything from stress, to relationships, concentration and mindful eating. We can guarantee that you’ll find value in this app!

Download the app on iOS or Android.

Mindfulness Podcast

17. Breethe

Breethe is a meditation and mindfulness app dedicated to improving inner wellness. The Breethe app has been designed to be there for you when you’re experiencing stress, anxiety and general unhappiness; guiding you through to a happier mental state. The app offers an extensive range of guided meditations geared up for real-life situations, calming music and even personalised recommendations. It’s an excellent app to start your journey to a happier state of mind.

Download the Breethe app on iOS or Android.

18. Peace Out

If you’re looking for a meditation podcast that’s suitable for children, be sure to check out Peace Out. They offer a collection of short stories designed to guide young ones through visualisation and breathing exercises, allowing them to benefit from mindfulness in a fun and easy to understand way.

Take a listen to Peace Out here.

19. Yoga With Adriene

Adriene Mishler is an international yoga teacher with a goal to get yoga regularly bought into people’s everyday lives. She has the extremely popular Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel, which as of August 2020, has over 8 million subscribers. If you’re looking to combine mindfulness with movement, Adriene’s yoga routines are something you need to try – she has a routine for just about anyone! Whether you’re looking to work on a certain area of your body, work on an emotion or simply looking for an office break, you’ll find something to suit your needs on her channel.

Check out Yoga With Adriene’s YouTube channel here.

20. Getting Mindful With Megan

One amazing podcast we’ve discovered this year is Getting Mindful With Megan. In her podcast, Megan takes you through how to use the power of mindfulness and meditation to achieve your goals. Over on her Instagram @gettingmindfulwithmegan, you’ll also find a great IGTV series where Megan takes you through how to Kon Marie your mind as well as how to use positive affirmations. If you’re looking for someone new on the scene to introduce you to everything mindfulness – you need to check out Megan.

Listen to Getting Mindful With Megan on Spotify.

Yoga meditation app

21. 21 Day Positive Mindfulness Meditation Challenge

Are you wanting to make mindfulness a habit as part of your daily routine? Why not kick start the process with the 21 Day Positive Mindfulness Meditation Challenge. This podcast contains 21 different episodes designed to engage you in meditation daily, so set your alarm at the same time for the next 21 days and give it a go!

Start the challenge over on Spotify.

22. Meditation Oasis

The Meditation Oasis podcast is great to adapt to different needs, whether you’re looking for guided meditations, instructions to improve your meditation practice or you’re on the search for music for your meditation. They also have a Meditation RX app designed to help reduce stress, and induce relaxation in traumatic times. This has been a great choice throughout the pandemic, and they’ve even made it free to download for as long as the pandemic lasts – what a lovely gesture! We’d highly recommend checking out both the podcast and the app.

Listen to the Meditation Oasis Podcast here, and download the app on iOS or Android.

23. 5 Minute Meditations

Looking for a moment of tranquillity? However you like to practise mindfulness, whether that’s through meditation or yoga this podcast is perfect for just that. Each episode is just 5 minutes long, giving you just a few minutes to calm and refocus your mind each day. Each episode contains ambient music, ideal for settling the mind and allowing you to take a few minutes out to self reflect.

Listen to 5 Minute Meditations on Spotify.

That’s it! 23 of the Best Meditation Podcasts & Apps in 2020. From guided meditations, yoga, to ambient music and mindfulness tips; we’re sure you’ll find something that takes your fancy in this post. If you try any of these out for yourself, or you have any other great suggestions for us, let us know on our Instagram @dilmaherbals.

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